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The 5 Largest Airports in the World as Seen from Above

Airports are classified into different categories such as the number of people who pass through them each year. Here is a list of top five largest airports, with top-class facilities including riser recliner chairs, as seen from the aerial view.

Largest Airports

Hartsfield- Jackson Atlanta International Airport:

This is one of the busiest airports in the world. Located in Atlanta, Georgia in the United State, it accommodates 100 million passengers annually. It is also where close to 1 million domestic and international flights take off and land every year. The 1902 ha airport is the hub for passengers traveling to the southeastern region of United States. It has 5 parallel runways and more than 200 international and domestic gates.

Beijing Capital International Airport:

With one of the largest terminal in the world, Beijing Capital International Airport is located in Beijing, China, 20 miles from Beijing city center. The airport is the main hub for Air China; China’s flag carrier which flies to more than 120 world destination. With more than 500 thousand landings and take-offs yearly, the airport handles more than one and a half million tonnes of cargo each year. The state-owned airport is management by a china parastatal Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited. It covers 1480 ha of land.

Heathrow Airport:

Also called London Heathrow, it is located in the London United Kingdom. It has a passenger’s traffic of around 75 million per year making it the busiest airport in Europe and one of the top five busiest in the world. It is home to British Airways and primary base of operation to Virgin Atlantic. With two runways and a third one which is being constructed the airport lies in Heathrow 14 miles west of central London. Heathrow Airport is operated and owned by Heathrow Airport Holdings and cover 4.74 sq miles.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport:

With over 77 million passenger volume, Chicago O’Hare International Airport is located in Illinois, Chicago in the United State. Operated by Chicago Aviation Department the airport acts as a primary airport in Chicago metropolitan. It handles more than 1.7 million metric tonnes of cargo each year with an aircraft movement of about 800 thousand yearly. It has 8 runways and covers 3,087 ha of land. It is the primary hub for Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airline, Focus city, Air Choice One, American Airlines and United Airlines. It links over 200 domestic and International travel destinations across the world.

Tokyo International Airport:

Commonly referred to Hanada Airport it is located in Ota, Tokyo 8.7 miles south of Japan capital Tokyo. Hub to Japan Airlines, Skymark Airlines, Solaseed Air, StarFlyer and Nippon Airways the airport handles more than one million metric tonnes of cargo every year. It is the transit to more than 79 million passengers every year and covers 72.8 ha of land. The airport which has two runways is the gateway to many East Asia destinations and has a capacity to handle over 90 million passengers per year.

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