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Things you should never do Inside an Airport

Sometimes people do dumb things in an airport and end up delayed from a flight or even detained. You should be disciplined inside an airport because there are surveillance cameras and airport security agents who are trying to keep everyone safe.


Here is a list of things you should never do in an airport:


Regardless of how tired you might be, you should not sleep in an airport because you might end up losing your belongings or missing your flight! You should try to indulge in any activity that will keep you busy to avoid sleeping e.g. reading or watching. After you’ve boarded the plane, you can go ahead and have a nap without risking anything.

Joke about bombs or anything illegal:

Cracking a joke is fun and acceptable in some pleas but you should not joke about bombs or anything illegal in an airport. You might cause delays, get detained or miss your flight to allow enough time for necessary security steps to be completed. Therefore, if you don’t want any inconveniences, avoid joking or trying to smuggle illegal stuff through the airport.

Jump the line:

You are supposed to be courteous all through to avoid irritating other people or even the security agent. Hence, when in a security line, be patient with others even if they seem not to understand what is supposed to be done. You can as well offer advice to facilitate movement e.g. when a passenger is wrongly scanning their boarding pass. However, you should do it when no one else is helping out.

Play loud videos or music on your phone or laptop:

Sometimes people tend to watch or listen to music to avoid getting bored as they await their flight. You should not be a nuisance by playing loud music to other people. You should use your earphones or watch at a considerable volume to avoid disturbing other people who might not be interested in what you are watching or listening to. This also applies to your kids. If you have brought your kids with you, you should keep an eye on them to avoid the wrath of other people or security.

Do not wear your sunglasses:

You might be mistaken as a fleeing fugitive who is using sunglasses to hide his or her identity. Before you are verified and allowed to board your plane, you might have gone through an ordeal you wouldn’t have if you didn’t wear the sunglasses. Try to remain as natural as possible to avoid mistaken identity or being confronted by other passengers thinking you are hiding something.

Remain calm:

Security officers usually guide a lot of people through the lines each day and they want the line to move as quickly as possible. You should cooperate with the officers instead of antagonizing them or trying to outsmart them because that would lead to a restraint affecting your flight. In addition, when on the line, be calm and polite when talking to other passengers. People are different and some have their personal problems (stress and anger) and a simple disagreement might result into something else.

Don’t get drunk:

Getting drunk in an airport might make you misbehave and get detained or make you miss your flight because you’ve not kept a schedule. You will find alcohol wherever you are travelling to, just stay sober for the time being to avoid having dramas in the airport.

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